Have you seen our video?

You definitely need to!

Filmed on a cold November morning, Higher Charaton Park looks just as appealing than ever!

Our newest show home was fully complete, the hot tub in and filled and a misty atmospheric sky – what else could we possibly need? We called Pathfinder Homes‘ resident photographer and asked him to help us out! The result… a fabulous video showing off our park!

Watch the video here…

Higher Charaton Video

Using a combination of Drones, Go Pros, iPhones and maybe a regular camera?? The footage was created in just a few hours and we are pretty pleased with the result. Don’t forget we are hosting an Open Day on March 14th, 10am – 4pm. Come along and explore the park yourself – we can’t wait to see you!

Remember, Higher Charaton Park is unique in so many ways; a small development, accessible homes & a sold on a freehold basis. Our vision is to create a special place for people to enjoy at their leisure, leave a legacy and make memories that last a lifetime. With our commitment to the future, our values include minimising environmental impact, ensuring multi generation use and encouraging the local community to love the space!

Now’s the time to make time…

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