Guide to ownership

Make the right decision

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What are the running costs?

Running costs are an important aspect to consider. Higher Charaton offer a FREEHOLD opportunity meaning you have absolutely zero site-fees and you own, not only the home but also the land it sits on. You will however need to bear in mind running costs such as insurance, utilities and maintenance.

Can i live in the home?

The park has a 12 month holiday licence which means you can use the home throughout the year, every year, however the home cannot be used as your primary residence.

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Can I make the home work for me?

As the owner of the home and the land it sits on at Higher Charaton you are more than welcome to sublet the home, read more about Buy-to-Let here! 

Which home will work for me

Your home can come in all different shapes and sizes and you can choose how the whole layout to ensure you
get the best views from your chosen plot. Options really are endless with Pathfinder Homes, you can add all the modern technology or enjoy a traditional environment – the choice really is yours.

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